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Incredible Stories About Incredible People


Are you looking for something better… to get your story told with more impact, more emotion and be more effective in capturing the hearts and minds of your audience?  From a few minutes to feature length - Flyover Flix has produced award winning videos for a wide variety of industries and non-profits.


To tell great stories it helps to live a great story.  Surviving a helicopter crash and months of rehab, Tony Wilson is blessed. Blessed to have been a founding partner at Applied Art & Technology, a leading Midwest production house. And blessed to now be the President and CEO of Flyover Flix where incredible stories are told about incredible people, whether they live on the coasts or in ‘flyover country.’


Flyover Flix helps big stories find their home in engaging features and

captivating documentaries.



Short stories can pack immense power. Take a Look!